Third Night… Nothing Fractures Like Failure!

… Still working as a VA. Even with my previous job, working as a call center agent, I was already a VA. That was the time that I started living my live as a VA, as in VAmpire. Since then, I started calling myself as Desmodus Rotundus.

The third night of my training… I started to lose my sense of time. And for the past two (2) days, I even forgotten what an actual traffic jam looks like and how it feels like to sit through one. A dejavu, a feeling as though an event has occurred once before, a new situation one has witnessed and experienced previously. With all these thoughts in my mind, I was given a task, a task to transcribe a video. I was able to complete the task like thirty (30) minutes after the given deadline. In short, it was late. I was then told to see Wilrose for my Email and Calendar Management task. She showed me how to create events. With an hour of statement to make things comprehensible, I still FAILED – not able to pass the exam. I didn’t even follow the instruction. I once remembered when she told me that she can give score as low as zero (0) and as high as perfect score. With this, I know what I got. I was totally KAPUT!

Nevertheless, Van told me that I did well in some tasks, which is pretty normal to say to a trainee to boost self esteem and to feel proud of oneself, a good strategy. I admittedly say I was once a runt, not only physically but the weakest of all others. VAT changed me, anyhow… and getting used to the place and fleshlings here.


3 Responses to “Third Night… Nothing Fractures Like Failure!”

  1. jerichodignadice Says:

    hahah you’re a VA… VAMPIRE .. HOO—RAA!!!

  2. failure is a good test to know where and how far can you go. solamiente ricardo..otra vez! good luck!

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