On Sufi Personal Development

I really liked this post by Glen Allsop, He Blogs at PluginID.com.

There are times when I tend to slip into habits that I would rather not keep, such as procrastination, generally laziness and feeling like the world owes me a favour. It doesn’t. Therefore I decided to put together his public list of the things I want to stick to during my lifetime, and hopefully it might inspire you to do the same.

You can’t keep to a list if you don’t know what items are on it, so here goes…

1. Take Responsibility for my Actions – I believe that everything that happens to us in life is our own responsibility, and it’s up to us to deal with things to the best of our ability. I know exactly what I want out of life, so it’s up to me to get out there and make things happen; I don’t blame anyone for holding me back and know my successes and failures are based solely on my own actions.

2. Value Nobody Above or Below Me – While I don’t see the world as flowers and roses, I do see everyone as equal, even if I forget it sometimes. The blonde with the fake boobs means no more to me than the computer nerd who lives with his mom even though, for some reason, the blonde will always have more social value. I wish to view everyone as an equal and become friends with people based on who they are, not their status.

3. Express Gratitude on a Daily Basis – In the last week I’ve devised a list of all the things I’m grateful for, as I believe everyone needs a reality check now and then. Some of the items on the list include my health, my family, my friends and the environment in which I was brought up. Every morning I go through this list and feel truly grateful for each item and I believe this is an important practice which helps us to stop taking things for granted.

4. Live Life Without Regrets – I tend to live in the moment, so there’s nothing in my life that I currently regret. However, by this point what I mean is that I don’t want to hold back from anything that I want to do in the future. If I think a girl is pretty I want to tell her, if I think someone is acting inappropriately I want to tell them etc. On top of that, I don’t want to ‘waste’ life by procrastinating and messing around, I want to constantly be taking action.

5. Encourage Everyone, Discourage Nobody – I don’t think there’s anything worse you can say to a child than telling them that they can’t achieve their dreams. Of course, everyone has to be realistic, but not everything possible today was a realistic dream in the past (flight, electricity, phones etc). I want to be someone who pushes people to follow their dreams, rather than tell them they are wasting their time.

6. Constantly Look to Grow – Throughout life I’ve been learning non-stop. Whether it’s in school and college, or in my spare time where I’ve learned graphic design and website development. The next area I would really like to delve into is NLP, and after that who knows. Either way, I always want to be expanding my skills and my knowledge.

7. Make Sure the People Who Matter, Know they Matter – P Diddy once joked that sleep is for when you are dead, and I’ll go one step further to say that so are grudges and anger towards another person. You never know when loved ones will not be around any longer, so I want to make sure that everyone who means something to me knows about it, and I’ll save the unforgiving side of me for another lifetime.

8. Help People See What is Possible – I had friends in South Africa who were very unsocial and never thought they could change that. I even went out with a 24-year old guy from work and he said I’m the first person who’s ever seen him dance. It’s never too late to make a difference in your life or even someone else’s by showing them what is possible and what they can achieve.

9. Be Authentic – This is me, and always will be. I’m no millionaire or model and I’m not a saint either; I want to come across as the ultimate definition of ‘What you see is what you get’. It’s so obvious when people are trying to be something they are not, when they are needy and looking for validation. Just be you, whether people like it or not, at least you are being honest to yourself.

10. Face my Fears Head On – Less than two months ago I was terrified of public speaking, so I knew exactly what to do, join a public speaking club. The last sentence of my first speech was ‘I want to be the kind of person that fears public speaking then joins a speaking club‘. Face your fears head on; after all, they are nothing but a fragment of your imagination.

11. Never Forget my Roots – For any of you that know me personally (a lot of my friends read this site) you’ll know that I have some huge ambitions. I believe I can become a millionaire, I want travel the globe in my early 20′s and I want to build some of the biggest websites in the world. No matter what I achieve, I don’t want that achievement to make me think any more of myself, and would like to stay grounded throughout my life.

12. See the Positive in Every Situation – Everything that happens in the world is completely neutral, and we have a choice to see it that way, or as something negative, or positive. In life we tend to label many things as negative, resisting what already is because they ‘shouldn’t have happened’. There’s also a positive angle you can put on every situation, and I want to be a person who always finds it.

13. Always Work Towards my Goals – To me, there’s nothing more amazing then being able to visualise what you want, work towards it, and achieve your desired result. If we aren’t growing then we are remaining stagnant; it’s only through working towards our goals that we can achieve them. Even if time is nothing more than an illusion, I want to spend as much of it on working towards the things that matter to me, while I can.

14. Live in the Moment – I left this till last, because it encompasses all of the others. If nothing else, this is the number one thing I want to do in this lifetime. I believe everyone should try to be emotionally and mentally in the present moment as often as possible. I’ve found it’s the only way to an amazing sense of peace and bliss that we miss when we go about our hectic lives. Now is all there ever is.

What do you strive to do in this lifetime? Let me know in the comments, then print yours out and put them somewhere that you can see them. Remember: take responsibility for everything your life, if you don’t like your current situation, take action.


4 Responses to “On Sufi Personal Development”

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  3. Politeness costs nothing and gains everything.

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