Warning: the internet may contain traces of nuts.

I started writing stuff like this, when Maria and I were talking about funny conversations with Technical Service Department, TSR, or whatever you call it. Most of us called her Maria but I call her Juvy.  She’s been my buddy, though, she’s doing different task from what I do. We ate lunch together (stuck eating at Chowking and McDo everyday.. arrrgghh!). Maria and I were getting closer each day since I started my day shift. It started when she skyped me instead of sending message to Reggie. Funny huh? Well anyways, it’s not about Maria.. (sorry Juvy, but the story is not about you, probably, I’ll write something about you… soon? I mean I will, .. oh men.. I mean .. I don’t know…)

It’s been a while I haven’t posted anything to my blog (not into writing, and as much as I would love to say I do, but I”m not). And so I decided to post some of the funny things you might read or see while surfing the net.

No offense, but these really drive me NUTS!


Tarzan and Jane


This is more to it, but I guess I’ll save it for my next posts.


2 Responses to “Warning: the internet may contain traces of nuts.”

  1. we gon’ party tonight

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