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“Goo Jun Pyo Vs Dao Ming Xi”

I know for a fact that he is  a generous guy, not that he buys his friends but for sharing his self.  He’s known to be Rich for some, most of his friends called him Xrystiann but the most popular name he is titled for and exclusively known for is Jun Pyo. Who does not want to be called Rich and Jun Pyo?

It all started when he first stepped into a call center industry. Like Jun Pyo (the main character of the Korean Drama “Boys Over Flowers”), he has natural curly hair, hot-tempered personality, but the truth is that he has a very perspective and gentle spirit, but also has the innocence like a child.

He has good vibes with the awkwardness you felt… to make you feel at ease, he checks out on you…”Are you on a break?”, ”so how’s everything?”, then wait until he grooves with his ass and gosh.. I can’t describe it well and nobody can… you should see it for yourself… 😉

The nearest thing to it that you can think of is how the Famous Dao Ming Xi of F4 turned you off the way he danced… but Jun Pyo has a dirtier way to make it look funny… He sways.. and he grinds his waist holding the chair with his ass facing on you. You will really fall off your chair… that’s probably why he is called Jun Pyo instead of Dao Ming Xi.

That’s how he makes your day at work… swear… if you want to concentrate, do not even try with your peripheral view when he does that.  That’s how he lets it out… I know what you’re thinking… I mean, maybe that’s how he releases stress.. 🙂

I can still remember when we were in trouble and our Boss roared “Who started all of these? Who taught you these?”. All in chorus, they said… “It’s Jun Pyo”…  You can bully him around and he never gets back at you… (-jackieness-)


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