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Second Night… It’s A Drag!

Posted in Second Night... It's A Drag!, Training with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on June 9, 2010 by Xrystiann

I am sorry to say that on the second day of training, I am a WORRY WART! I think I am exhibiting many of the classic signs and symptoms of anxiety. They felt like large, life-impeding, cement roadblocks that obscure my path and make it very scary for me to get through each and everyday training. Even my health is suffering. I even forgot that I brought the contract with me. Despise this, I know I really can change – and deep down me want to do so RIGHT NOW.

There was one time when I tend to slip into habits that I would rather not keep, such as procrastination, generally laziness and feeling like the world owes me a favor. I was asked to plan for the company’s second team development activity in July and what suggestion would I give the management. I will not tell you the whole story, it was so “IMBA” (short for Imbalance – Anything that is too good or too awful. It could be praise or sarcasm, compliment or insult). From there I learned to take responsibility for my actions, always work towards my goals and constantly look to grow. Throughout life I’ve been learning non-stop. Whether it’s at home and in the office, or in my spare time where I’ve learned link building and blog development. The next area I would really like to delve into are graphic design, website development and NLP, and after that who knows. Either way, I always want to be expanding my skills and my knowledge.