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Third Night… Nothing Fractures Like Failure!

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… Still working as a VA. Even with my previous job, working as a call center agent, I was already a VA. That was the time that I started living my live as a VA, as in VAmpire. Since then, I started calling myself as Desmodus Rotundus.

The third night of my training… I started to lose my sense of time. And for the past two (2) days, I even forgotten what an actual traffic jam looks like and how it feels like to sit through one. A dejavu, a feeling as though an event has occurred once before, a new situation one has witnessed and experienced previously. With all these thoughts in my mind, I was given a task, a task to transcribe a video. I was able to complete the task like thirty (30) minutes after the given deadline. In short, it was late. I was then told to see Wilrose for my Email and Calendar Management task. She showed me how to create events. With an hour of statement to make things comprehensible, I still FAILED – not able to pass the exam. I didn’t even follow the instruction. I once remembered when she told me that she can give score as low as zero (0) and as high as perfect score. With this, I know what I got. I was totally KAPUT!

Nevertheless, Van told me that I did well in some tasks, which is pretty normal to say to a trainee to boost self esteem and to feel proud of oneself, a good strategy. I admittedly say I was once a runt, not only physically but the weakest of all others. VAT changed me, anyhow… and getting used to the place and fleshlings here.


Second Night… It’s A Drag!

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I am sorry to say that on the second day of training, I am a WORRY WART! I think I am exhibiting many of the classic signs and symptoms of anxiety. They felt like large, life-impeding, cement roadblocks that obscure my path and make it very scary for me to get through each and everyday training. Even my health is suffering. I even forgot that I brought the contract with me. Despise this, I know I really can change – and deep down me want to do so RIGHT NOW.

There was one time when I tend to slip into habits that I would rather not keep, such as procrastination, generally laziness and feeling like the world owes me a favor. I was asked to plan for the company’s second team development activity in July and what suggestion would I give the management. I will not tell you the whole story, it was so “IMBA” (short for Imbalance – Anything that is too good or too awful. It could be praise or sarcasm, compliment or insult). From there I learned to take responsibility for my actions, always work towards my goals and constantly look to grow. Throughout life I’ve been learning non-stop. Whether it’s at home and in the office, or in my spare time where I’ve learned link building and blog development. The next area I would really like to delve into are graphic design, website development and NLP, and after that who knows. Either way, I always want to be expanding my skills and my knowledge.

First Night as a VA Trainee

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Welcome to Virtual Assistant Technologies, Inc.

The first day on a new job is a lot like the first day of school. You have to find the bathroom, cafeteria, (smoking area), etc. Many new college graduates say that the first day of work is the hardest, because they don’t know what to expect. But this is not my first job, it’s my third. Somehow I know what to expect.

That first day can seem overwhelming, but knowing some basic workplace rules helped me survive the day (I mean night…  hehehe).  As it goes, it was somewhat … okay (tired…yawn).

Let me start from the beginning. My friend got her salary from her client and she invited us for lunch. It was around 10:00 in the morning when I got up from bed, took a shower and hopped to meet them at the mall.  We were four and ordered an 18-inch pizza at Yellow Cab in one of the Malls here. It was already 4 O’clock in the afternoon when the three decided to watch “Sex And The City2”. I have no other choice but to go with them. It was already past 7:00 in the evening when we decided to go home, so I rushed my way to my boarding house and should prepare for my first day at work.

Sat in the taxi’s passenger seat being driven to work on this Monday evening, many thoughts were passing through my mind. I was far too nervous and was also thinking not to be late as usual which is something I did not want to happen on the first day. This day has finally arrived and there’s no turning back.

Miss V, or should I say Ate Van and Joven gave me a tour of the place and introduced me to everybody. They were of course super friendly and eager to add new member to the team, and then, we were “SUPERFRIENDS”. I also got excited on what the company is building.

My computer was setup fairly quickly and from there I started my training. I was introduced to TeamworkPM and getting to know the website and to learn how to use Teamwork as our Project Management tool. I was instructed to sign up to Gmail and use it as credentials and create two blog accounts – one with WordPress and the other with Blogger.

That was tiring and that was because of the activities I did before I went to work.  I should probably try to do some more and explore things. All in all though, I am getting on well here. It will just take some time before I am settled in.